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A Great Review on Yelp from One of Our Brides

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"I LOVE the final product. You just gotta trust Taky. He did an amazing job editing and putting everything together.

For the price I paid, this is totally worth it. He didn't waste a single part of the dvd, he asked for slideshows, engagement pictures, etc. I just love how I can take out the dvd and watch it and it has everything!

My favorite feature about the dvd is the highlight (great editing), the photo session (this was amazing, i love how he worked with Sam - the photographer of LA Color and came up with this session, it is just so cool. i can't explain it in words you have to watch a sample from them!), dedications (i love how he asked my closes friends and families to say a few good things to us, the married couple, it was definitely a nice touch), and the bloopers (it is really funny!).

Taky and his team were on time and were there with me for the whole duration that our contract was signed for.

I highly recommend Taky for videographer - he's quick thinking, easy going, friendly, funny, efficient and talented., AND most of all VERY responsive! definitely a HUGE plus when you're wedding planning! You will not regret hiring Taky -- trust me!"

Cherie & Eric


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